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Welcome to the 62 Community website!

We deliver 18.9 Litre bottles and various types of water
dispensers to homes and offices across Johannesburg, Pretoria Gauteng and Cape Town.

In the Johannesburg, Pretoria areas your request will be serviced
within 72 hours.

NB: Special arrangements can be made to service outlying areas and other major cities nationally in South Africa. Please contact us for further information.

The Waterman has evolved to 62 Water.

Our bottles come in different sizes and shapes, ensuring suitability for your particular needs. Water coolers, office water coolers, water purifiers and water cooler dispensers - we offer a wide range.

Get in touch with our team at 62 Water today, to learn more about our excellent array of products and services and find out why we're considered one of the best bottled water suppliers in the country!


Upliftment & Skills development
of Staff 62 Waters featured
video on SABC Education Show - Ispani


- Not applicable during weekends or public holidays
- One 18.9L bottle will be given free if we can not prove that we have visited you or tried to contact you to arrange the delivery.

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Water cooler rentals and a guarantee that your request will be serviced within 48 hours or your water is FREE!

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