Water, this simple naturally occurring binary compound is more precious than all the diamonds in the world. You may find this statement to be a hyper-exaggeration, but it is extremely true, if one is stranded in the Sahara desert without water. There are many people around the world who struggle daily and walk kilometers just to fetch a pail of water.

What are the unique properties of water that make this naturally occurring liquid compound so important? It is extremely difficult for life to sustain without water. There are many unique properties of water that are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Definition of Water

Water is a binary compound that is clear, tasteless, odourless liquid. It can occur in three different forms gaseous, liquid and solid. It is regarded as an essential substance for sustenance of life.

Physical Properties of Water

There are different properties of water that makes it unique in its league. Water is the major constituent of all life forms. More than 60% of all plants and animals is made up of water. There are different physical properties of water, which are discussed below:

  • Adhesion and Cohesion

One of the unique properties of water is adhesion and cohesion. Water molecules are attracted to each other and therefore show the property of cohesion. Water molecules are also attracted to molecules of other substances called as adhesion. Water gets it property of adhesion due to its chemical structure. The positive charge from the hydrogen molecule at one end and negative charge from the oxygen molecules.

  • Surface Tension

Each and every drop of water is attracted to other water molecules due to surface tension between them. In order to understand surface tension, let's see an example. When you see a drop of water fall from the rim of faucet, the drop won't fall immediately. The water drop will stretch itself very thin as much as possible, before falling down. As it falls, it will form a spherical shape and no other shape. This property of water is due to surface tension between the water molecules that allows them to stick to themselves.