Next to air, comes water, which makes life sustainable on our planet. You can probably go without food for some days, but not without water. Pure water is odourless, colourless and without any taste. It is required by the body to supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It is also one of the most important requirements for digestion and for the body to absorb food. Apart from this, water works as a natural agent for detoxifying the body

and keeping it air-conditioned. There are other several kinds of functions that water does for the body, and that is why it is imperatively essential that the water we drink must be pure and clean of any impurities. Most houses make use of tap water, which is also known as municipal water or city water.

Some Known and Some Unknown Tap Water Facts

  • In the United States, one of the most shocking tap water facts is that in about 85% of the places, the water contains arsenic. This compound that is known to cause cancer and many other diseases like high blood pressure, behavioral disorders in children, low IQ, and issues with the reproductive and central nervous system.
  • According to reports, tap water is treated with about 60,000 chemicals.
  • Fluoridated water is still common in the US, while it has been banned in most parts of Europe. This water is not only associated with cancer and infertility, but also increases the risks of developing hip fractures, especially in the elderly.
  • It has been found that most tap water supplies make use of lead pipes, that are over 100 years old. Due to this, the water contains heavy amounts of harmful toxins and pollutants, even after it gets treated in the plant.
  • Continuing this data on tap water facts, the chemicals which get accumulated in tap water, normally do not have any kind of smell or taste. So people while drinking the water, do not even realise that they are risking their health.
  • The toxins that contaminate the tap water, when get accumulated in the body, do not cause signs or symptoms right away. They take years to surface and by then the body gets severely deteriorated.
  • Apart from all these tap water facts, which a few people are aware of, there is another one to be said. It is associated with the chemical that is used in the society. Every chemical, sooner or later, makes its way into the water system of the society and eventually into the body.