Naturally formed springs that contain mineral water have long been frequented for the mineral water's ability to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of health conditions. The natural minerals found in the water are absorbed into the body through the skin. Minerals, like vitamins are essential to the human body and a deficiency of minerals are known to cause a number of diseases.

The health benefits of mineral water are found even more in mineral water springs that contain hot water, as the beneficial minerals are easily dissolved in hotter water. The heated mineral water is expelled naturally from the earth and the mineral water springs vary in temperature from one mineral water hot spring to another. Mineral water springs are known to reduce pain in the bones and muscles. Many people suffering from body cramps and muscular pains have found relief for their pain in hot mineral water springs. People suffering from arthritis visit hot mineral water baths to treat the symptoms of the disease. Many have found a reduction in stiffness and pain within their joints after visiting a hot mineral water spring.

Mineral water springs have been known to assist people who suffer from various skin conditions. Bathing in hot mineral water springs have been known to reduce the symptoms such as itchiness, dryness and irritation of skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Adult skin acne can also be treated by bathing in mineral water as the steam and minerals in the water unclog and clean pores.

Most people simply visit mineral water springs to relax. The warm mineral water is known to de-stress individuals, both physically and mentally. The mineral water also increases blood flow in the body, because of the temperature of the warm mineral water which reduces high blood pressure.