62 Waters Cape Town - Floralae Farm

Our Cape Town branch was established in 2010. 62 Waters wanted to bring affordable, quality, drinking water to the Western Cape region. We decided to look for a property with a suitable water supply and found Floralae Protea Flower Farm of Giel & Erna van Deventer. (See picture of the actual farm above.) This farm is high up in the du Toits kloof mountains and is fed by 4 natural water-springs. The partnership was created and we now have an established bottling facility from where we service many satisfied clients in the Western Cape.

This high quality source water undergoes the following purification process:

  1. We filter the above water in four stages down to 0.01 micron. During this process, all natural dust and debris that may have collected in the water, are removed. All bacteria and viruses are filtered out. The mineral content and taste are not altered during the process.
  2. The water is then further treated by ozonation. Ozone is a high energy form of oxygen; each molecule contains three atoms instead of the standard two. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and has been used for the treatment of water since 1904. Ozone naturally breaks down to oxygen, leaving no residual chemicals, toxins or contaminants.
  3. Every bottle is inspected, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected inside and out. The water is then transferred into these sanitized 18.9lt bottles and capped.
  4. In order to ensure that the water you buy is not contaminated in any way we deliver your bottle directly to your doorstep.

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