Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Payable within 7 days after receiving invoice.
Note: Invoices are sent 2 days after delivery.

Debit/Credit Card

For clients collecting directly from our factory shop.


We accept cash on delivery, however given the security risk involved we prefer to only make use of this in exceptional cases.

Debit Order

We recommend all our customers to pay by debit order, as this means you do not have to keep correct change with you at the time of delivery. If you would like to sign up to this method of payment, please complete the Debit Order Mandate Form


We encourage all customers renting a single dispenser, to make use of our Prepaid Payment Option. It works much like airtime for your mobile phone. Simply deposit money into your 62 account, from which you will be debited after every delivery. You will receive a monthly statement as well as an SMS whenever there has been a transaction on your account or when your account reaches its minimum Rand value of R80. Please contact our sales staff for more info. Click for more info

For Corporate (Office) Customers Only:

Credit Facilities are available for corporate customers who maintain 8 or more bottles. Please contact us directly if you are a corporate customer that meets the above mentioned condition so that we may assist you to avail of these services.