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62 Waters loyalty card62 Waters now offers Customer Loyalty Cards.

Purchase 9 refills in store and get your 10th free!

Your Loyalty, Your Rewards, With 62 Waters.

62 Waters Pre-Paid / Gift Vouchers

62 Waters prepaid gift voucher 62 Waters now offers Pre-paid vouchers.

Simply purchase you voucher in store and present your card with your next purchase. Choose from our full range of bottled water and your voucher balance will be updated.

Convienient, Easy & Cost Effective.

June/July Special

water glassWater Dispenser Sanitization

We recommend that you sanitize your cooler every 6 months or at least once a year in order to prevent bio-film or bacterial build up.

To request a cooler sanitization please contact us to schedule an appointment.

R 263.16 excl Vat (R 300.00 incl Vat)