Water Crisis South Africa

South Africa's growth in population and increased economic activity have led to more land being populated and industrialised. Aside from the increased demand for water, these circumstances are degrading our water resources through pollution and by decreasing the amount of natural environments such as wetlands.

The country's water resources are under stress and will not be able to withstand the circumstances at the rate at which population growth is taking place. South Africa has already built more dams than our river systems can accommodate, which rules the option out as a solution for the looming water crisis. To make matters worse, our current dam systems are suffering from poor management and siltation.

A very small amount of South African municipalities have proper functioning water services, due to a shortage in skilled staff. Our infrastructures are deteriorating and there is a worrying decline in the quality of municipal water. It is becoming more difficult, complex and expensive to purify our drinking water.

An increasing amount of water in South Africa is becoming unsafe for drinking or even bathing and farming. We don't even have enough reliable resources to test the quality of our current water supplies. Our tap water might be an acute risk of disease and it is becoming more difficult to trust the water we pay our municipalities for.

South Africa simply has no more surplus water and the quality of the water we do have is becoming more and more questionable. Sadly, the chemicals currently used to purify municipal water might be just as harmful to our health.

South African homes might need to have their own water filtration systems installed to ensure the health of their families. The technology to purify our water in a safe manner is at our disposal, but it simply is too expensive to apply on a global scale.

As our municipal water bills are becoming more expensive in an attempt to maintain questionably drinkable water, it seems like a better guarantee to spend this money on qualified water purifying companies for a supply of drinking water. It might have seemed like a slightly unnecessary expense in the past, because we had reliable water resources. Clean water is becoming less of a right as a citizen and more of a privilege and a commodity. With our looming water crisis, professionally purified water is becoming an absolute necessity.

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