At 62 Waters we follow our internationally accredited “hands-free” process of ensuring that the water you drink is pure and healthy every time. Our recipe for good health is supported by our strictly designed mineral balance which ensures the right balance of goodness to nourish your body and mind.

Please see how we process the source water below:

Stage 1: Carbon Filter
The source water first passes through Activated Carbon tanks. Here, the carbon captures the chlorine present in the water & binds together any small impurities that cause a taint in taste or clarity of the water.

Stage 2: Micro Filtration
Water from the carbon filter then passes through a series of specialized filters that are capable of removing cells not even visible to the naked eye. Micro- filtration removes bacteria, yeasts, mould and spores of these micro-organisms that, if present, could cause illness. It is the presence of these micro-organisms in untreated water supplies that are responsible for many waterborne illnesses.

Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis
The water then undergoes a filtration process known as Reverse osmosis (RO), a specialized water treatment in which all viruses, hormones, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides and even minerals are removed from the water. The objective of this process is to essentially strip the water to its basic molecular composition of H2O.

Stage 4: Re-Mineralization
The pure water obtained through Reverse Osmosis is void of any minerals. We then add a specific blend of minerals to give our water a refreshing taste.

Stage 5: Ozonation
The mineralized water is further treated by Ozonation. Ozone is a high energy form of oxygen; each molecule contains three atoms of energy instead of the standard two. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and has been used for the treatment of water since 1904. Ozone naturally breaks down to oxygen, leaving no residual chemicals, toxins or contaminants. Following Ozonation the water is then transferred to the filling line. To learn more about Ozone, please see our Ozone FAQ article.

Stage 6: Bottle Sanitization
Every bottle is inspected, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected inside and out. The water is then transferred into these sanitized 19l bottles and automatically capped.

Stage 7: Direct Delivery
In order to ensure that the water you buy is not contaminated in any way we deliver your bottle directly from our factory to your doorstep.
For added peace of mind you will be assigned a dedicated deliveryman as well as his personal contact information.

We are committed to caring for the environment therefore we recycle our used bottles.

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